SAVE THE DATE FOR our 8th annual Luncheon

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 Even ONE death by suicide is one loss too many. We are devastated every time we pick up the paper or turn on the news and hear of another tragedy. Mental illness and suicide have reached epidemic levels that touch us all.

Each of us knows someone who is living with depression or anxiety, we live in a world where 1 in 5 people will experience a mental health or addiction challenge in their lifetime. The time has come when our response must be one of compassion and action, and no different than our response to hearing that someone has cancer. It is all too common that those who suffer will shut out their friends and family and  in fear of stigma they don’t reach out for help when they need it most.  We can no longer turn away from this painful reality. There are so many people, right here in our community, that are in desperate need of assistance. Together, we can change the way we respond to this epidemic.

The Mental Wellness Center is championing the change for improved mental health for youth, families and our community at large by providing education, school-based programs and peer groups, as well as many other important programs and services that provide critical support right here in Santa Barbara.

On Thursday, September 13th we will gather for lunch and a profoundly moving program in the Loggia Room at the Four Seasons Biltmore for the 8th Annual Mental Wellness Center Luncheon. We would be honored to have your partnership and support. We are at a critical juncture and have so many more people to reach in our community, particularly our local youth. We need to do our part to make a difference and it is only with your support that we can extend our outreach.

Please help us to be a greater part of the solution in our community. Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of our local youth, friends and neighbors. We hope that you can join us! 

Sponsorships available: Download the RSVP and Sponsorship Card