Board of Directors

Andrea Carnaghe, Board Chair

Andrea Carnaghe, Board Chair

Andrea Carnaghe
     Board Chair
Ted Campbell,
     Vice Chair
Ned Emerson

Heather Ayer

Bruce Anticouni.JD
      At Large
Paul Erickson, M.D.                    
Kristin Kirby
Ann Lippincott, Ph.D.
Pam Reeves, M.D.
Darcy Keep
Mack Staton, JD
Karel de Veer

Vickie Gonzalez





I am grateful for the Mental Wellness Center’s staff and volunteers who work tirelessly with thousands of people every year to improve and maintain mental wellness in our community. Through their efforts we are able to provide employment services, a Fellowship Club, residential facilities, and various community wellness programs that play a pivotal role in helping people get the support and care they need. Their commitment and passionate belief in the abilities of all people drive them to accept nothing less than continued growth, innovation, and success.

I thank our Board of Directors, donors and corporate partners, who invest in what we do. Their gifts of time, talent, and resources make an important and significant difference in people’s lives. Through their continued support we are assured that the Mental Wellness Center will continue to hold amazing possibilities for everyone, for today and for the future of our organization. The Mental Wellness Center is first and foremost about the people we serve, their families and the Santa Barbara Community. I believe in powerful principles – ability, independence, and accomplishment – and thriving in the face of barriers.

Learning how to live with mental illness and making the most out of life can be challenging. However, with the support of family and friends, many children, youth, and adults are able to play an active role in their mental well being and as a result are able to live a fulfilling, productive and joyful life. I am inspired by their tenacity and life-changing victories.

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