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Since 2004, the Education Committee of the Mental Wellness Center has been offering a comprehensive curriculum that builds awareness of mental health and wellness to hundreds of 6th grade students throughout Santa Barbara. Mental Health Matters is a fun five-day interactive and participatory learning program that is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for the English Language Arts.

Mental Health Matters now has an Online Educational Portal which is based on research and development by major mental health advocates, including The National Institute of Mental Health, The Canadian Mental Health Association, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

This Educational Portal offers a wide range of resources and activities for students, families, and teachers. Designed to support our 6th grade program and provide a rich base for middle and high school teachers who integrate this vital subject into their classrooms, the Mental Wellness Center hopes that every visitor develops a greater understanding of how mental health impacts us all.

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Helping Families - Help Kids Understand

This Online Education Portal encourages our Mental Health Matters students to continue their mental health education, especially as they enter the challenging worlds of middle school and junior high. Whether a student has an interest in science or just wants to understand more about how mental health may affect them, a friend or a loved one - the portal provides both in-class and at-home resources.

An Online Multimedia Text for Grades 7 - 12

The Mental Wellness Center has developed an innovative curriculum, called Mental Health Matters (MHM), for middle and high school students that is designed to be easily adopted by classroom teachers. Supporting materials such as student worksheets, assessments and rubrics have also been developed by the MHM Education team to facilitate the teachers and leadership.

Mental Health Disorders

More: The topics below are meant to be viewed and discussed with an adult. If you have not yet taken Mental Health Matters or are younger than 13, please ask an adult to learn with you.

ADHD has been reportedly diagnosed in approximately 9.5% of children 4-17 years of age as of 2007.  (Parents reporting)
- U.S. Center for Disease Control

Anxiety Disorders are the most common form of mental disorder in the US affecting nearly one out of five people.   
- The National Institute of Mental Health

Bipolar Disorder is characterized by extreme highs and lows and affects 6 million people in the US.
- The California Bipolar Foundation

Depression can affect anyone from any walk of life including: Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain and Lady Diana.
- Wikipedia

Eating Disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. Eight million Americans suffer.
- South Carolina Dept of Mental Health

Schizophrenia ranks in the top ten for all disabilities in developed nations, even though it affects only 1% of the population.
- World Health Organization