Mental Wellness Giving Society

You hold the key that unlocks our future!


$250.00 per year for 5 years

(Less than $5 a week)

A gift that spreads critical information that dispels the myths and eradicates the Stigma about mental illness in our community.


$1,000.00 per year for 5 years

(Less than $20 a week)
A Hero gift could very well save a life! This gift will allow us to continue teaching our Mental Health First Aid class, growing the number of people who want to step-up and respond when they see someone struggling instead of walking away.


$5,000.00 per year for 5 years

(Less than $100 a week)
Gives the gift of Wellness to our Fellowship Club members who rely on our services for connection, practical needs such as food and clothing, employment services and the classes that allow them to learn better self-care strategies.


$10,000.00 per year for 5 years

(Less than $200 a week)
A Champion supports our school based Youth Wellness Connection and Mental Health Matters programs helping to intervene and educate generations of young people.


$25,000 per year for 5 years

A substantial gift that is a LIFE CHANGER!

A truly Life Changing gift leads the way for the Mental Wellness Center to develop more homes for people to live their best lives.

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Thank You to Our Donors

The Mental Wellness Giving Society is a dedicated group of individuals who invest in the core services of the Mental Wellness Center. In making a five year pledge, these donors allow the Mental Wellness Center to focus on meeting today's essential needs of your clients and to also strategically plan for the innovations and services in the future.

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