The ABC's of Mental Health

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The A B C’s of Mental Health

Taking good care of you means the people you love get the best of you, not what’s left of you.”-   ME

Recently I found a box of papers I kept from a previous job. Something simple yet very useful jumped out at me. I don’t know who wrote it. Have a look and take what you need.


It serves me well to behave appropriately at all times. I will be judged by what I say and do.


In life, in work, in all things it’s the middle of the road that will keep me mentally healthy.


I will do what it takes to help myself. My commitment to myself gives me the power to make good things happen in my life.


Yes, I will feel down sometimes, just like everyone else. I know setbacks and disappointments will pass with time.


My body needs good fuel to run properly. I will eat healthy balanced meals.


What is fun for me? I will plan for fun, and will look forward to making it part of my daily life.


I will make and read my gratitude list daily to stay uplifted by all the things I am thankful for.


I know I can experience happiness again, even if I don’t feel happy right now.


Accept all parts of myself and integrate all the parts of me into the whole person that I am.


I will use my unique talents to create joy for myself and for others.


There is no key to open all the mysteries of mental health and mental illness. There are many.

I will find the ones that help me and use them as tools for mental wellness.


I will act from love not fear and be aware of my thoughts, words and deeds. I will come from a place of love as I move through my day, weeks, months and years.

Mental Illness

Mental illness is a diagnosis, it’s what I have, it’s not who I am. I know I can recover.


My thoughts do matter, I will use my thoughts wisely, choosing to fill my mind with positive rather than negative thoughts and ideas.


I will be open to new ideas. I never know what gifts can be found in new ideas.


I will keep going and press on, taking one day at a time. I know that good things take time.


I will take time to be alone, experience my emotions and soothe my spirit with the peace that quiet brings.


I will see life as it really is, giving up false notions of how it “should” be. I will look reality right in the eye and deal with it.


I will embrace my spirit and use my faith and beliefs to manage stress. I will lean on my faith for comfort, and not try to figure everything on my own.


I will use my time wisely: it is my greatest asset. I will schedule my time to be as productive as I can be.


I will seek to understand myself, my illness, and my life. Self awareness leads to greater successes and achievement.


I will not see myself as a victim, but rather a creative participant in my own life.


My own well being is a priority in my life. The well being of others if also very important to me.


Marks the spot, now is the time, this is it!


I say yes to a healthy, happy and productive choices in my life.


I know my body needs to rest, sleep will be a priority so I can get up and take on the next day.

Add these to your toolbox to use when you need a reminder that your attitude is a choice. And there is always something you can do to help yourself. 

P.S. Did you know the ABC song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star have the same melody?? Think about it.