Giveaway Partnerships


This last month we launched our first social media giveaway and partnered with some inspiring brands/companies.

We wanted to take the time to properly introduce them to you. They are doing good things in their communities and that’s always encouraging to hear!

●        Schizophrenic.NYC, donated the encouraging tote bag that said, “It’s not a delusion you are incredible.” They seek to help the homeless in New York that have a mental illness. When you buy one of their products, a percentage of the proceeds go toward New York organizations that help homeless people. Check them out:

●        Spark Bracelets donated one of their popular and colorful bracelets! The goal of their products is to spark a conversation with someone about mental health. They are trying to help shift how people view mental illness. Check them out:

●        The Cart Market, donated an Anxiety Relief Journal. She creates art in hopes of inspiring others to find the beautiful things in their own lives. Check her out:

●        Livin gave us a hat, shirt, and sticker. They are, “all about living your life at the top and destroying the stigma that is attached to mental illness.” They initiated the community building hashtag #itaintweaktospeak. Check them out:

●        Calm donated a 1 year subscription to their app. They program encourages and helps people meditate, breathe, sleep and relax. Currently, they are the #1 app for mindfulness and meditation. Check them out:

Thank you for participating in our giveaway. We appreciate all of you!