An Investor Is Wise Who Diversifies

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“An investor is wise who diversifies”

Many things contribute to a high quality of life and personal happiness, yet there is nothing as important as emotional balance.

How do we find emotional balance in our lives? It’s so easy to get focused on work, family responsibilities, school, finances, sleep and health to name a few things life demands of us.

I threw my full attention into my children. I took a very deep dive into their lives. Leading brownie and Girl Scout troops, teaching religious education classes, volunteering for years at their schools, watching football games, theater productions, throwing birthday parties etc.  It was all about the family for me. And I loved it…….

As my kids grew up one by one and began their own lives, I learned to diversify my interests and build an emotionally balanced life. But it was tricky. I did not invest a lot of time in my career, or friendships, or hobbies for instance. I think to be really happy and safe we ought to invest in ourselves, our health, important relationships, and our hobbies to diversify our interests.

That’s how we become all we are meant to be. And the great news is, it’s never too late to get to work on diversifying your investment in your life.

What makes you happy? When is the last time you did something to take care of yourself?

Do you have a hobby? Do you stay in touch with special friends? I hope you will take time for you as you move through this life.

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