#GivingTuesday Holiday Gift Program

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Fellowship Club Holiday Gift Program


This year, in conjunction with #GivingTuesday, throughout the month of November, we're spotlighting our Fellowship Club Holiday Gift Program. Every year at the Fellowship Club at the Mental Wellness Center we celebrate our clients and shower them in love for a holiday celebration. Our Club is a social day-center for individuals living with a mental illness to build recovery in a space of community and understanding. We ask them to create a wish list of items and every year, they surprise us with ideas that would mean the most to them. Please join us in making their wishes come true by signing up!

  • Suggested gift value: $20.00
  • If the three items are simple/inexpensive, feel free to give your member(s) more than one of the three items listed (while maintaining the $20.00 collective gift value per member)

Drop-off the unwrapped gift to the Mental Wellness Center (2nd Floor) by Friday, December 8th. Feel free to include a card if you wish! Please note that the names listed are changed for confidentiality reasons. Questions: email Alex