A Look at Self Worth

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You Are A Treasure

“Don't Ever Doubt Your Worth”

I think many people struggle with self-worth because of things they’ve been through, things said or done to them. Even things they’ve done to others. When children are young and still innocent self-worth is usually not an issue. Then the good, the bad, the painful the joyful happen, all of it gives shape to our concept of self.

How do we know we are worthy of what’s good in life, to be successful, or happy? Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get what they want out of life while others never seem to find their way?

I love the story of the $20.00 dollar bill. You see there was a $20.00 dollar bill wrinkled, torn and dirty shoved in the wallet of a taxi driver.

But before the $20.00 bill ended up in this wallet it was used for many things. When it was brand new it was used to pay a field worker, who used it to feed his family. After that it was gambled in a card game, used to pay a babysitter, paid for flowers on Mother’s Day and was used to buy illegal drugs. It was used to pay for a bus ticket home, it was put in the collection plate at church. It was stolen to pay for booze, finally it was used to pay the fare for a cab ride to work.

It was used for many things, but you see no matter what it was used for or who it touched, what it did or didn’t do, it was always $20.00. It was always worth $20.00 because its value was given by its maker and it cannot be taken away.

Just like people have value, no matter what. It doesn't matter what we do, what is done to us, who we are, or where we’ve been. Each and every one is born with inherent value that cannot be destroyed.

You and me, we are unique, we are valuable and precious. Nothing and no one can take that from us.

You are worthy,