Quit Taking It Personally

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Quit  Taking It Personally

“People will love you and people will hate you…
most of the time it has nothing to do with you”
-Abraham Hicks

What if I approached you and said, “You have green hair”, but your hair is not green, it’s brown. You would likely respond by saying something like, “Actually my hair is brown”. Or maybe you would shrug and say nothing, thinking maybe they’re color blind. I doubt it would hurt your feelings, make you upset or cause any distress whatsoever. Kind of a “so what” moment for most people.

What if I approached you and said “You’re stupid”. Now you may feel hurt, defensive, upset, angry or whatever! I’m going to tell you how make this a “so what” moment?

Just like the green hair example, they are wrong, they have an inaccurate perception of you. They are wrong about you. Why would you give so much power to someone who is mistaken about you?

You may be a little insecure about your intelligence, sure, or you may not like your hair. Just know the next time someone says something to you and you feel yourself getting activated, say to yourself,

“Wrong, so what….My hair is not green, and I’m not fill in the blank.”

Q-TIP: Quit Taking It Personally, be happier and walk on.