Quilts for a Cause

Jessica Steele, counselor for California 805, helping collect quilts for individuals who

lost their homes in the Thomas Fire and debris flow.

California 805 is a program being administered by the Mental Wellness Center of Santa

Barbra in collaboration with the county of Santa Barbra Department of Behavioral

Wellness and funded by FEMA to assist the Santa Barbara community in recovering

from the impacts of the Thomas Fire and 19 Debris Flow through community outreach.

Over 1000 quilts have been distributed since December 2017, and the honor of piecing

these quilts together goes to the Ventura Modern Quilters Guild. With contributions of

quilting pieces received from across the United States and 13 countries around the

world, the Quilters Guild has produced inspiring works of art that may comfort and serve

as a reminder to all that we will not forget those affected by tragedy.

The gift of a quilt is so much more than just receiving a blanket. One survivor had

described it, “Everytime I look at my quilt, the support and love of strangers is present

and strong, and every time I use it, I picture hugs from everyone who came together to

make it.”