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The Happiness in your life depends on the quality of your thoughts

Sometimes we all need an attitude makeover.  If you believe like I do your thoughts are incredibly powerful then you may want to try some things to improve the quality of your thoughts.

It’s not easy to think positive, life is challenging at times especially while dealing with mental health issues.  Just like learning a new language or taking up the piano, it takes practice to train your thoughts.  I’m going to share some “positive interrupts” for you to use while you work on thought training.

Some people are lactose intolerant, think of yourself as negativity intolerant.  Negative thoughts are going to cause problems.  When you have thoughts you want to change interrupt them with some of the suggestions below.

★     Even bad days have happy moments.  Look for them.


★     View your tormentors as your mentors.  Everyone has a lesson to teach us.


★     Angry thoughts make a mind messy.


★     Accept what was and what is and you’ll free up positive energy for what will be.


★     Peace and happiness are found now, we cannot have a better yesterday and tomorrow can wait.


★     Worry distracts and it attracts things you don’t want.  Let go of all worry.


★     Exercise your heart by being kind to others.


★     Instead of “what was I thinking” ask “what was I learning”? No beat ups!


★     What you think about is what you attract, think about progress, peace, joy and happiness.

You have the power to improve your level of happiness and it begins with your thoughts.

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Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse