Leadership and Administration

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Annmarie Cameron, Chief Executive Officer
Patricia Collins, Chief Operating Officer
Ceci Frost, Development & Communications Assistant
Ramona Winner, Family Advocate*
Morgan Cook, Employment Services Manager
Nick Papageorge, Recovery Learning Center Manager  
Pauline Keeble, Administration & Finance Manager
Josh Katz, Employment Specialist
Mike Klein, Grant Writer
Jeff Gaddess, Residential Services Manager
Barbara Schreibke, Grant Writer & Tenant Liaison

Jeanne Lopez, Administrative Assistant 805-884-8440






617 Garden Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Phone: 805-884-8440
Fax:  805-884-8445


Annmarie Cameron

Chief Executive Officer

Annmarie Cameron is a native northern Californian who moved to Santa Barbara in 1988 after completing her BS degree in Family Studies at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA. in 1986.

Annmarie has been the CEO of the Mental Wellness Center since 1992. Passionate about affordable housing and practical resources to aid those who live with mental health disorders, she led the Building Hope Campaign to establish the new home base for the Mental Wellness Center. The successful completion of this project created 51 new affordable homes and a new social center for our community. Subsequently, she has led the organization through some of its most economically challenging years through the recession and governmental contract constraints. The Mental Wellness Center emerged a stronger and more diversely funded organization. Grateful for an amazing group of friends, Annmarie enjoys a social network of other non-profit and community minded leaders. In her free time she enjoys home improvement projects with her husband and two daughters and time at the beach with her puppy.

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Patricia Collins

Chief Operating Officer

Patricia Collins joined the Mental Wellness Center in 1991 and currently serves as the organization’s Chief Operating Officer. In this role, she manages key fundraising strategies and develops, implements, and oversees policies and procedures for existing and new programs. A certified Mental Health First Aid instructor and a certified Adult Residential Facility Administrator, Patricia serves on numerous committees and participates in mental wellness trainings and presentations. She is a member of Mental Health America, the Mental Health Association in California, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the Santa Barbara Human Resources Association and the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce. In 2014, Governor Jerry Brown appointed Patricia to the California State Rehabilitation Council.

A Boston native, Patricia moved to Santa Barbara in 1982. She holds an MS degree in quality assurance for health care from California State University, Dominguez Hills, a BA in communications from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and an AA degree in communications from Santa Barbara City College.

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Ramona Winner - Family Advocate


My purpose at the Mental Wellness Center is to serve by providing support, education, and resources to families supporting a loved one with a mental health disorder residing in Santa Barbara County. I work closely with family members to help them develop skills to enable them to support and effectively advocate for loved ones receiving services.  I also have the privilege of sharing our mission with other organizations in our community to increase public awareness on the impact of mental illness on families and the importance of family-member involvement in treatment of their loved one.

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Grant Writing

Barbara Schreibke - Grant Writer & Tenant Liaison

As Tenant Liaison at the Garden Street Apartments, I help people to solve the problems of every-day life to be more independent. As Grant Writer, I present a case to foundations and other donors on why a particular aspect of the Mental Wellness Center is worthy of support. I like to think each job fuels the other: the grants are for people I know.

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Mike Klein - Grant Writer

I moved to S.B. in 1985 and have been employed at the MWC since 1998 as a grant writer. I'm really happy to work here raising funds for our programs and housing for our clients, students, and others in the communities we serve. I'm especially happy to be a part of a staff with high morale, and that is so cooperative and teamwork oriented.

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